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Much improvement needed in Croatian healthcare Much improvement needed in Croatian healthcare Pixabay

Croatian health care system the worst in the region

By  Jan 30, 2018

According to a survey from the European Health Consumer Index (EHCI), the health care system in Croatia has placed as the 26th among 35 European countries.

The European Health Consumer Index , which measures the quality and accessibility of health care in 35 countries through 45 indicators, showed that the Croatian health care system dropped by seven places on the list in comparison to 2016.

The survey also stated that, despite the more modest health care per capita, Croatia’s health care applies highly advanced and expensive procedures such as kidney transplantation. Having 45 transplantations per million inhabitants, Croatia is at the very top among all European countries.

However, there was a significant decline recorded last year, primarily in the accessibility of health care services and treatment results. The report mentioned long waiting lists and high mortality rate due to cancer and cardiovascular diseases in 2017 as well as bad results achieved in the prevention of high blood pressure, smoking and alcoholism.

The best-rated European countries by the health care system are the Netherlands and Switzerland, followed by Denmark, Norway and Luxembourg.

As far as Croatia is concerned, it is in a lower part of the list among 35 European countries, tailing Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro, which ranked better than Croatia.

The countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania and Hungary hit the bottom of the European Health Consumer Index list with the worst health care system in Europe.