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Sir Rod Stewart on his way to Zagreb Sir Rod Stewart on his way to Zagreb

Sir ''Rod the Mod'' needs 300 kg of ice for the Zagreb concert

By  Jan 30, 2018

The British rock singer and songwriter Sir Rod Stewart is coming to Croatia this February when he will hold a concert at the Arena Centre in Zagreb.

Before the concert on the 2nd of February 2018, the British singer also known as ‘’Rod the Mod’’ revealed that he is looking forward to his visit to Croatia which will be not only a business one but a private visit as well.

The actual time of arrival as well as the hotel, where Stewart will be staying during his visit to the Croatian capital will remain secret to the very end. However, the concert organizers have revealed some trivia about the concert of the famous singer.

Unlike many celebrities who more often than not exaggerate in their demands before performing, Sir Rod Stewart is quite modest in his demands related to his first performance in Croatia. According to the words of the concert organizers, Stewart’s biggest demand is 300 kilograms of ice, a supply of special mineral water at room temperature and a comfortable sofa in the backstage.