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Deutsche Welle: German patients turn to Croatia for organ donations

By  Jan 30, 2018

Deutsche Welle published a detailed article yesterday about Germans turning to Croatia when it comes to organ donations.

As it turns out, the number of people willing to donate organs in Germany has never been lower and that's why the patients are getting more and more dependent on a European cross-border organ excange program.

Deutsche Welle explains that in Croatia there is a opposite trend – more and more Croatians are willing to donate organs. They reached to Nikola Zgrablic, the president of the Croatian Donor Network (HDM), says that German patients are reaping the benefits of changing habits in Croatia.

"In 2017, we had 132 donors whose organs were actually removed," he said for the Deutsche Welle. "We have more than 30 organ donations per 1 million inhabitants. This makes Croatia one of the most successful of the eight countries in the Eurotransplant Foundation, which allocates donated organs."

It seems that the reason behind it might be a difference in organ donor program. In Croatia, every citizen can theoretically become an organ donor if they have not explicitly stated their refusal to do so before they die. On the other hand in Germany citizens (16 or older) must register if they are willing to donate their organs.

For more details, read the original article here.