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Unemployment falls for the first time since August 2015

By  Mar 10, 2016

For the first time since August last year the number of unemployed people in Croatia fell. At the end of February there 289,429 people out of work in Croatia, which is 3,807 less than January, and the first month of a fall in unemployment after five months of growth.

Compared to February 2015 the number of people unemployed in Croatia has decreased by a healthy 12.2 percent, or 40,322 people.
The fall in unemployment in February can in some terms be attributed to the beginning of the seasonal employment in tourism, especially considering that this year Easter holidays fall relatively early at the end of March. The pattern of a decrease in unemployment has also continued into the early stages of March.

The Croatian Bureau of Employment has stated that there are 285,416 people out of work, as of the 10th of March, and that there are currently 15,969 job vacancies on their records.

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