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Check out the 12 strange places in Croatia Check out the 12 strange places in Croatia

VIDEO - Top 12 strange places in Croatia

By  Jan 29, 2018

The American YouTube channel American Eye has released an interesting video entitled ‘’Strange Places in Croatia’’.

American Eye selected twelve strange locations in Croatia that most people probably have never heard of such as a small place near Dubrovnik called Kupari, the Daksa Island, and the Podgarić monument in the Moslavina region or the Haludovo Palace Hotel on the island of Krk.

Apart from popular tourist spots, some of these strange places are mainly remnants from the former state of Yugoslavia or reminders of the Homeland War for the Croatian Independence in the 1990s.

The popular American YouTube channel listed twelve strange locations in Croatia as it follows:

1. Haludovo Palace Hotel on Krk
2. Mirogoj Cemetery
3. Podgarić monument
4. The minefields
5. Pula Arena
6. Brod Fortress in Slavonski Brod
7. Stone Flower monument in Jasenovac
8. Island of Vis
9. Daksa Island
10. Kupari near Dubrovnik
11. King’s Landing (Dubrovnik)
12. Blue Cave of Biševo near Vis.

We invite you to check this interesting video and discover all these places by yourself this summer!


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