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Sale of state owned airlines off the table Sale of state owned airlines off the table

Croatia Airlines to remain in state ownership after privatisation plans cancelled

By  Mark Thomas Jan 28, 2018

Plans to privatise the Croatian national airline, Croatia Airlines, have been shelved by the Croatian government.

In 2016 the government had decided that the airline should be sold to private owners and taken out of state control, in that year it was removed from the list of “strategically important companies” and effectively put up for sale. However, this decision has now been reversed and the Minister for State Property, Goran Maric, has basically swung full circle by stating now that Croatia Airlines “must continue to be owned by the Republic of Croatia.”

Effectively the airline was put on the open market for sale in 2014, however no potential partners came forward. The sale process was heightened last year when the government contacted international airlines looking for future investors. Now, after a few solid years of business and consolidation, privatisation of the airline is off the table.