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Frozen bank accounts all over Croatia Frozen bank accounts all over Croatia

More than 320,000 Croats have had their bank accounts frozen

By  Jan 24, 2018

According to data from the National Financial Agency (FINA), at the end of November last year, there were 322,783 Croatian citizens with blocked accounts, whilst their debt amounted almost 43 billion Kunas or more precisely, 42,80 billion.

The highest number of debtors was recorded in the Croatian capital of Zagreb (62,316) or 11,60 percent of working-age population, with debt of 12,36 billion Kunas.

In the Split-Dalmatia County, 30,160 citizens with debt of slightly over 3,9 billion Kunas were blocked, with the share of blocked citizens in the number of working-age population being 9,89 percent.

The smallest number of blocked citizens was recorded in the Lika-Senj County (2,887) with debt of 289,7 million Kunas or 9,19 percent share in the working-age population of the county.

The Croatian cities of Zagreb (62,316), Split (11,972), Rijeka (10,210), Osijek (8,539) and Zadar (5,261) are topping the list of the 25 cities with the highest number of blocked citizens.

At the bottom end of this list are Dugo Selo (1,979), ─Éakovo (2,253) and Koprivnica (2,265) with the smallest number of citizens with blocked accounts.