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Tourism the driving force of Croatia unemployment rate Tourism the driving force of Croatia unemployment rate

Record low levels of unemployment in Croatia in 2017 but outsourcing concerns

By  Jan 24, 2018

The average unemployment rate in Croatia throughout 2017 was recorded at 12.4 percent, which is the lowest ever level since data was been kept.

The labour market is extremely seasonal, with the tourist industry a main factor that the summer registered unemployment rate was at around 10 percent last year, and then as the winter approaches the rate slowly rises again. In fact during the tourist season the tourism industry of Croatia has a shortfall of workers.

Last year the average registered unemployment rate, at 12.4 percent, was the lowest since 2000 when records started to be kept. And the indicators this year according to economic experts is that the level will continue to fall. The positive annual trend in the movement of the registered unemployment rate in 2018 is expected to continue, given the positive macroeconomic trends.

However, there are some black clouds in the rosy unemployment figures, which show a trend towards short-term contracts and seasonal work. Last year 35 percent of the people who left the registered unemployment list went to work in outsourcing, rather than full-time contracts or even part-time ones.