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One more European seat for Croatia a possibility One more European seat for Croatia a possibility

Brexit could mean one more seat for Croatia at the European Parliament

By  Jan 24, 2018

The Constitutional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament voted on Tuesday a proposal for the allocation of the 73 members seats that will become vacant following the departure of the UK from the EU in 2019, and according to this proposal Croatia will get one more seat.

Of the 73 seats currently held by the British, 27 will be distributed among the current EU members, while the remaining 46 seats will remain vacant so that future member states can fill these positions. There is a possibility that they will be filled through the so-called. 'pan-European lists' through which citizens of one EU country can vote for a candidate from another member state.

Spain (5), France (5), Italy (3) and the Netherlands (3) will split most of the vacancies left after the Brexit break away, while other EU members such as Denmark, Poland, Austria and Croatia will receive a new seat in the EU Parliament.


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