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Tom Hanks waves goodbye to Croatia Tom Hanks waves goodbye to Croatia

Tom Hanks postpones filming Black Money Games in Croatia

By  Jan 23, 2018

The filming of the multimillion dollar budget Hollywood action thriller ‘’Black Money Games’’ which was supposed to begin in the spring this year on the island of Hvar has been postponed.

According to the words of the Serbian actress Katarina Radivojević, who will have the main role in the film side by side of Tom Hanks, the realization of the film produced by Joey Tufaro is not questionable.

However, over the last few months, this project ‘’has become the culmination of a much larger project titled ‘’Black Money Games’’ which includes a book, a TV series, a documentary and an already launched video game’’, explained the co-producer Mirjana Tomić.

‘’Black Money Games’’ is based on true events about the dark side of cash flows. The main character Eva (Katarina Radivojević) is a Balkan prosecutor who reveals thieves who take billions and billions dollars across the globe and hampers black cash flows from Eastern Europe to treasured islands on the Adriatic. She not only saves islands but attacks ivory smugglers in Botswana and Malawi.

The whole project was inspired by the life and work of Thomas Creal, an international expert in tracking and destroying flows of illegally acquired money and the co-founder of the video game Eva Black Money Game.

‘’By the end of February the producer will conclude contracts with other major film stars in the United States, and then we will be able to tell you more’’, said Tomić, adding that the film will feature big acting names as well as numerous guest stars in various episodes of the TV series.

The $50 million new Hollywood blockbuster will be filmed in Prague, Belgrade, on Hvar and in Botswana.


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