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Davor Rostuhar - The first Croatian to conquer the South Pole Photo by official Facebok page: Davor Rostuhar - pisac i fotograf

Davor Rostuhar - The first Croatian to conquer the South Pole

By  Jan 18, 2018

On Wednesday, January 17th at 7 pm Croatian time, Davor Rostuhar successfully finished the first Croatian expedition to the South Pole!

The expedition lasted for 47 days, during which Davor himself, walking on skis, without food being delivered to him and without help of the wind, dogs, etc., crossed 1163 kilometers (total climb - 2800 m) from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole, becoming the first Croat and 21st person in the world who has succeeded to do that.

All he needed for life (tents, food, equipment, etc.) he dragged in the sledge that weighed 135 kilos at the beginning of the expedition. He walked between 10 and 12 hours daily, an average of 25 kilometers a day. When it comes to breaks – he had a total of three days. The temperatures were between -15 and -27, with the windchill (real feel) up to -50.

davor rostuhar 2

                           Photo by official Facebook page: Davor Rostuhar - pisac i fotograf 

Davor did not have any problems on his journey. He feels fantastic and is looking forward to eating pizza soon and standing under a warm shower. He will return to Croatia in late January.

- I am grateful to all who believed in me. So many of my dear people told me that they are sure I will succeed, even though I was not even sure myself. There were those who did not say it, but I felt they were suspicious of my success, as well as those who secretly hoped I would not succeed. And I am grateful to them because they awoke a bitterness in me which was sometimes welcome to get to my goal.. – Davor wrote at his blog, where he described every step of the way of his expedition. Amazing job!


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