Tuesday, 23 October 2018
Great new app for runners in Croatia Great new app for runners in Croatia SightRun

New app for runners in Croatia - SightRun

By  Jan 12, 2018

As from this year, the Croatian tourist offer will be enriched with a new and interesting tourist product.

Running is very popular all around the world, especially in Europe, which currently has more than 50 million runners and this number is constantly increasing. These people are not professionals but amateurs who run marathons and half marathons, and are often business people who generate over 9 billion Euros of revenue each year to hotels, carriers and race organizers, excluding their spending on gastronomy, sports equipment, souvenirs etc.

Taking into account this fact, four passionate runners from Croatia, Tamara Markotić, Hrvoje Horvat, Ivan Videk and Sandra Bortek, joined their forces and decided to turn their lifestyle into a great tourist product – SightRun.

SightRun is a mobile application, which helps runners who travel on business to do their training and get to know the destination they are at. The application has audio running tours that combine running with tourist sightseeing thus enables runners to enjoy running and discover a new city at the same time.

sightrun app


‘’The lack of time at the destination was the main impetus for the development of this start up’’, emphasized Sandra Bortek, the founder of the SightRun start up company, adding that the application works with a GPS mobile device. Thus, in case a person is not in the mood for running, he/she can always ‘’go for a walk’’ with the SightRun app using it as a virtual guide and discover a part of the city.

This innovative tourist product and the first of its kind in Croatia is available in Croatian and English as well as on Android and iOS platforms.





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