Thursday, 18 October 2018
Opens more doors than 2016 but still weakest in EU Opens more doors than 2016 but still weakest in EU

Croatian passport ranks the weakest in European Union

By  Jan 10, 2018

The Croatian passport is ranked the weakest in the European Union. According to a survey of the world’s passports by Henley & Partners the Croatian passport is ranked the least useful in the EU due to the number of countries that Croatians can travel to without a visa.

However, on a world ranking it fairs much better, out of the all of the countries in the survey Croatia came in at a respectable 21st position. There are a total of 155 countries that Croatia can travel to without having to obtain a visa.

The most useful passport in the world is a German one, which allows entry into 177 countries visa-free, followed by a Singapore passport that opens the door to 176 countries. France, Great Britain, Norway, Japan, Denmark, Sweden and Finland are all ranked in third place with 175 visa-free countries.

Bulgaria and Romania share 29th place on the list, a place in front of Croatia, and the last on the rankings is Afghanistan, which allows visa-free travel into a mere 24 countries.

In front of us are Bulgaria and Romania, which share 20th place. On the last, 104th place is Afghanistan (24 countries).
In fact, the Croatian passport has increased its value, as in 2016 visa-free travel was possible to 149 countries.

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