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Croats are mama's boys: 70 percent of men aged 25-34 still live with their parents

By  Jan 09, 2018

It seems that in Croatia there is a growing trend amongst young people - not flying out of their family nests! Over 50 percent of young people aged 25-34 still live with their parents, or more precisely 58.7 percent – Jutarnji List reports.

It seems that men are more hesitant when it comes to moving out, since 70 percent of them still live with their parents. On the other side – 47 percent of young ladies made the same choice.

While many young people would say that is hard to move out because of financial troubles, it's interesting to know that 62.8 percent of those who still live in their family nest have a full-time job. The percentage of unemployed young people still living with their family is 24.7 percent, while students take 7.5 percent.



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