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Is it a it a plane...what is it?? Is it a it a plane...what is it?? Facebook - Kristina Trupeljak/Zakaj volim Zagreb

Somebody call Mulder and Scully

By  Jan 08, 2018

Did UFOs pay a visit to the Croatian capital Zagreb the other day? It remains to be seen. Or not?

A few days ago, a reporter from a local TV station in Zagreb wanted to capture a beautiful sunset over the Croatian capital and was more than surprised when she examined her photo.

As soon as the reporter enlarged the photo to get a better frame, she noticed an unusual lighting formation among the clouds.

Posting the photo on her Facebook profile, she started an avalanche of comments with some claiming that the strange formation was birds, combat aircraft from Slovenia or drones, whilst some claimed that UFOs paid a visit to Croatia.

What actually flew over Zagreb, no one knows for sure, but as the popular line at the end of the title sequence in the TV show ‘’The X-Files’’ reads, ‘’The Truth is Out There’’.



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