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Scandinavia and Croatia to be more than well connected this year

By  Jan 08, 2018

Airline carrier SAS Scandinavian Airlines, member of the global airline association Star Alliance, will have a significant boost when it comes to flights to Croatia in its summer schedule – Avioradar reports. SAS flies from several destinations in Scandinavia to Dubrovnik, Pula and Split.

For Dubrovnik, SAS will have 15 flights per week - every day (7 times per week) from Copenhagen and five times per week from Oslo and Stockholm. Compared to last year, when it comes to Copenhagen, this means one flight per week more, in the case of Oslo two flights more and in the case of the Stockholm one flight per week less. However, beyond the heart of the season, from March 29th from Dubrovnik to Stockholm there will be three flights per week or one more compared to the last year. Copenhagen and Oslo lines for Dubrovnik will only be in traffic during the heart of the season from June 23rd to mid-August .

For Pula, 21 flights per week are planned during the heart of the season. For the first time, Pula will be linked to Copenhagen every day, or one week per week more than last year. The Pula - Gothenburg line, which last year
had only 2 flights per week, will have twice the number of flights every week – 4. Pula - Oslo line had 2 flights per week last year and will have additional 3 flights this year, but the route from Pula to Stockholm, which had 5 flights per week, will have 2 flights per week less. All of these lines for Pula will operate from June 22nd to mid-August 2018.

Most SAS operations in Croatia have already a long-term connection with Split, and for this year an incredible number of 80 flights per week have been announced on regular lines during the heart of the season. Even 20 flights per week, or every day 3 times a day except Saturday (2x daily) Split – Copenhagen line will operate. This means 4 flights a week more than last year. The same number of flights will be on the line Split – Oslo, which is also 4 years a week more than last year. Four flights from Oslo to Split will operate on Friday. And line Split - Stockholm will have 4 flights a week more than last year, for the total 20 flights a week. Split-Gothenburg line will get 3 new flights a week so there will be 10 flights per week on that route.

The Split - Copenhagen line will start two weeks earlier than last year, from March 24th with one flight per week every Saturday and from May 24th, outside the main season, there will be 3 flights a week on this route. The Stockholm-Split line begins with out-of-season operations from April 28th, with 2 flights per week. The lines from Split to Gothenburg and Oslo will start flying from mid-May with one flight per week every Saturday. The other mentioned lines will operate only in the heart of the season from the second half of June to the middle of August 2018.



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