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Croatian smart bench Croatian smart bench

Nokia installs Croatian born smart bench

By  Jan 08, 2018

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of telecommunication equipment has installed a Croatian smart bench in Hungary.

The Finnish company Nokia recently installed the Croatian product - a smart bench Steora, in front of its central office in the Hungarian capital of Budapest.

One of the leading European manufacturers of innovative solutions for ‘’smart cities’’ headed by a young innovator and an ‘’IT genius’’ Ivan Mrvos from Solin near Split and his team are responsible for designing the Steora smart bench. Their main goal is to raise human awareness about renewable energy and environmental protection.

steora smart bench croatia 2018

The Steora smart bench is a green invention ideal for cities, parks, airports, marinas, business and shopping centres. It includes batteries, which are powered by solar panels; they provide internet access and the possibility to charge mobile phones and laptops by USB charger. Steora also gathers data about air quality, humidity, city noise, displays advertising, and provides light at night.

So far, more than 450 smart benches have been installed in 23 world countries such as Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the United States, Qatar, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia as well as in Hong Kong and in front of the European Parliament building in Strasbourg.



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