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Busy weekend expected on Croatian roads and border crossings

By  Jan 05, 2018

As the skiing season has already started, school holidays are in progress, the holiday of Holy Three Kings is tomorrow, a large number of tourists will return to Western European countries, while Croatian citizens will go to the Italian, Austrian, Slovenian and French ski resorts. Therefore, since today (January 5th) and during the whole weekend increased traffic is expected on Croatian roads and border crossings – it’s reported from the Ministry of the Interior (MUP). Because of this, a sufficient number of police officers will be engaged in border control to ensure the maximum flow of passengers at the most loaded border crossings.

In case of bigger crowds at certain border crossings, police will redirect traffic to less loaded border crossings. During the redirection of traffic, the police will take preventive measures to maintain a favorable state of public order as well as traffic safety.

In order for the citizens of the Republic of Croatia and other EU countries, as well as the Swiss Confederation to avoid long-term waiting, the MUP suggest using smaller border crossings in the vicinity. On the flow of traffic at border crossings and alternative border crossings, as well as road conditions, citizens can be informed on HAK web site.

-We appeal to citizens to stick to traffic regulations, and especially not to sit in their cars under the influence of alcohol, to respect the speed limitations, to wear safety belts, to take care of safe placement of children in the vehicle and not to use the mobile phones while driving. It’s necessary to adjust the speed of the vehicle to conditions and to comply with the instructions of the police officers on the ground – MUP writes.

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