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VIDEO – Amazing promotion of our country: 300 million people watch the show about Croatia screenshot

VIDEO – Amazing promotion of our country: 300 million people watch the show about Croatia

By  Jan 03, 2018

In mid-October last year Croatia was visited by Chinese celebrities and their accompanying staff and now the product is out – Day Day Up show about Croatia.

Day Day Up is a popular Chinese talk show broadcast on the Hunan Television. The show is co-hosted by Wang Han, Da Zhangwei, Qian Feng and Wang Yibo. It has drawn great attention from the public especially student groups and other young people for its humor, style, and the public figures who appear as guests.

This show, according to the Chinese media, influences public opinion, especially where the Chinese will travel and which country they will choose for their vacation. And if that’s right, we are pretty sure that Croatia may be their next dream destination. Or more precisely – Dubrovnik, because a big part of the show was filmed in our beautiful city. There is Game of Thrones story and all this includes some amazing shots of Dubrovnik.

Hosts tried our specialties, learned to dance Lindo, listened Croatian music and many other things, since the show is a combination of entertainment and education. Some of the famous people that presented Croatia are Ana Rucner, Maksim Mrvica, Miroslav Ciro Blazevic, Jelena Rozga…

The show was recently broadcast on Hunan TV, and the Chinese estimate that it was watched by an incredible number of 300 million people, while it’s expected that it will reach even more viewers on the internet.
And the influence of this type of shows shouldn’t be underestimated. One similar show, after being broadcasted in South Korea, brought 100 thousand new guests to Croatia.

You can watch the show that lasts over an hour and a half beneath and we must say – it’s entertaining. 



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