Thursday, 18 October 2018
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How optimistic are Croatians for the year ahead?

By  Jan 02, 2018

The Gallup International (GIA) The End of Year Survey is a traditional research conducted since 1977. This year it was conducted in combination with various methods in 55 countries around the world and almost 54,000 respondents participated. And the research was also carried out in Croatia last year, with 500 people taking part. in it.

The index of economic optimism in Croatia is -26, which is in line with the global average. The most pessimistic countries are Italy (index -50), Greece (-42) and Turkey (-40). The index of economic pessimism is also extremely high among the EU member states, as the average index is -16. On the other hand, Nigeria (59), Vietnam (55), Indonesia (53), and India (46) are economically the most optimistic countries in the world. South Asia is considered the most optimistic among all regions of the world with the optimism index 16, while the US has a – 3 ranking.

Croatia’s neighbours have a mixed outlook on the future, from Slovenia with a +5 ranking to Bosnia and Herzegovina with a -27 ranking.

Almost 40% of the Croatian population believe that 2018 will be better than the previous one, which sounds optimistic, although in the year 2016, 52% of the respondents expected a better next year.



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