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Kuna rises in value against dollar Kuna rises in value against dollar Pixabay

Croatian Kuna increases in value against the US Dollar in 2017

By  Jan 01, 2018

The Croatian Kuna was among the ten currencies that strengthened most in relation to the Dollar in 2017. New data from Bloomberg indicate the movement of the world’s currencies last year and show that the Croatian Kuna increased by 13 percent in relation to the US Dollar.

The Kuna was in seventh place with a growth of 13 percent, whilst the Euro strengthened by 12.7 percent against the Dollar. The top of the Bloomberg list was Mozambique; whose currency rose by 21 percent against the Dollar.

Among the prominent winners are mainly currencies of Eastern European countries – the Czech Kruna (18%), the Polish Zlot (18%), the Serbian Dinar (17.5%), the Moldovan Leu (16.5%) and the Albanian Lek (14.5%).



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