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Not such a merry Christmas Not such a merry Christmas

Forty percent of Croats have no money for Christmas presents

By  Dec 22, 2017

The Croatian jobsite MojPosao carried out a survey on whether Croatian citizens are planning to buy Christmas presents this year and if so, how much money they are planning to spend.

More than 3,000 respondents participated in this interesting survey. The majority of them (39%) declared that they are not buying Christmas presents this year because they do not have a job and therefore enough money for Christmas shopping.

‘’Our presents will be handmade this year’’, said one of respondents, whilst the other one commented, ‘’This year we reached an agreement in our family, no Christmas gifts’’.

On the other hand, 24 percent of respondents declared that they are planning to spend up to 1,000 Kunas (130€) for Christmas presents this year.