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Merry "Danish" Christmas Merry "Danish" Christmas

Danish imported Christmas trees to decorate many Croatian homes

By  Dec 20, 2017

The Christmas spirit is in full swing and festive trees are being sold and purchased up and down the country.

According to statistics, Croatia has recorded a significant decline in exports of fresh Christmas trees. Thus, this year most Croatian homes will be filled with the scent of Christmas trees imported from Denmark.

The decline in turnover of Christmas trees is usually recorded at the state level. Thus, last year we saw turnover drop by 266 percent in comparison to 2015, whilst imports decreased by only 1.6 percent.

According to video reports and photos in the media, towns and cities throughout Croatia offer a wide selection of fresh Christmas trees in order to satisfy everyone’s needs and preferences. However, sellers are commenting that the price of a Christmas tree was less important in the 1990’s than today and that people used to stand in line to buy one.

All and all, no matter whether the Christmas tree is from Denmark or Croatia, the most important thing is to buy one, decorate it with your family and enjoy a real festive atmosphere.



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