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VIDEO - Ed Sheeran speaks Croatian screenshot

VIDEO - Ed Sheeran speaks Croatian

By  Dec 20, 2017

Ed Sheeran, famous singer from England, had an exclusive secret concert in Austria few days ago, where he performed for only a few of the happiest fans. There he received the award of Croatian Discography Association (HDU), because according to their data his album 'Divide' is the best-selling foreign edition in Croatia this year. 

To thank his Croatian fans and HDU, this laid back singer recorded a video, with which the Croatian Discography Association praised on their Facebook profile.

Sheeran did his best to learn couple of Croatian words and his bad pronunciation made the video (and the singer) even more likeable. 

This 26-year old singer learned how to say hello and thank you (or at least he tried) and seemed rather enthustiastic because of the award.

-It's pretty amazing, I can't wait to come over to Croatia, I've never been there so I'm looking forward to it. Thank you for enjoying my music, this is my first platinum in Croatia. You guys rule! – said Sheeran and just delighted the fans who hope that this means that the famous singer will soon have a concert in our country.