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How safe do you feel in Croatia? How safe do you feel in Croatia?

German tourists feel unsafe in Croatia according to new survey

By  Dec 19, 2017

When it comes to German travellers and their tourism preferences, they consider only five world destinations safe for them to visit.

Even though they are traditionally the most numerous tourists in Croatia, only a third of Germans claimed that they feel safe while in the country.

A survey conducted by the British American Tobacco (BAT) company released a few days ago, shows that German tourists feel safe only in their homeland, as well as in Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavian countries and Italy. On the other hand, only 49 percent of respondents consider Spain, as the most popular destination for tourists, a safe destination.

When it comes to Croatia, only 33 percent of Germans consider the country a safe place to visit. Even though Croatia is among the five most popular tourist destinations for German tourists, the country found its place in the middle of the list together with Greece and the UK.

Among the 30 most popular tourist destinations for Germans, Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt hit the bottom of the list.

‘’Instead of the sun, beach and sea, safety has become one of the most crucial elements in choosing a vacation spot’’, commented Ulrich Reinhardt, a research scientist from the Gfk Institute who carried out the research for British American Tobacco Foundation for the Future of the Company.



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