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Lazy around the house Lazy around the house

Croatian men not pulling their weight around the house – new survey

By  Mark Thomas Dec 17, 2017

Croatian men leave their family homes at the age of 33.2, are less educated than Croatian women, don’t pull their weight with the housework and are slow to get married.

New data from the Eurostat organisations has highlighted the roles on the average European male, and it doesn’t make for pretty reading for Croatians. They concluded that Croatian men on average leave their parents’ home at the age of 33.2, which is three and a half years later than women. They walk down the aisle after their thirtieth birthday, while women marry on average by the age of 28.

The Eurostat survey also showed great differences between men and women in terms of retirement and longevity. Women retire on average four years before men, but they live six years longer. The results of Eurostat research have also shown that Croatian men are less educated than women, at least in higher education. Only one fifth of men in Croatia have completed higher education, whilst more than 25 percent of women have completed higher education.

In addition, the figures from the study on men and women in Croatia say that in the Croatian Parliament last year out of 151 members of parliament only 19 were women, or just over 12 percent.

As far as housework is concerned, research has shown that 62 percent of women are engaged in daily cooking and other household activities, whilst only 12 percent of men get involved with household chores.