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Big spending Russians and British Big spending Russians and British

British and Russian tourists biggest spenders on holiday in Croatia

By  Dec 16, 2017

The average spend of a foreign tourist in Croatia is around 2.4 times that of a local tourist, explained Zvonimir Savic, the director of financial institutions, business information and economic analysis for the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. Speaking at a congress of tourism experts held in Rijeka this week Savic added that July and August were the most significant months in terms of tourism spending.

On average a tourist in Croatia spends 66 Euros a day, of which 36 Euros (or 55 percent) is spent on accommodation and 12 Euros on food and drink, according to figures from the Institute of Tourism.

By far the biggest spenders are British and Russian tourists. On average a British tourist spends 122 Euros daily, or more than double the average tourist spend, followed by Russians who spend around 99 Euros. The next of the spending list are the French at 95 Euros, Austrians at 72 Euros and Italians at 66 Euros.

Interestingly German tourists, who are the most frequent in Croatia, spend less than the average tourist at only 62 Euros a day, exactly the same as guests from Poland.