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Brexit to bring more British tourists to Croatia

By  Dec 14, 2017

The European tourist group TUI has announced more British tourists in Croatia and Bulgaria next year.

A few days ago, TUI announced that within the crisis plans for Brexit and the expected changes in demand due to the weaker pound, the company increased hotel bookings in cheaper destinations especially in Croatia and Bulgaria.

‘’We cannot control the result of the Brexit negotiations, however, we are making plans in order to successfully overcome any possible disturbances in our operations’’, emphasized Fritz Joussen, the CEO of TUI.

Joussen also added that in case that certain destinations become more expensive for British tourists due to the weaker pound, the demand could be re-directed to cheaper countries, thus, the Group increased hotel bookings in countries such as Croatia and Bulgaria.

‘’British tourists spend on the average £1,000 while on a holiday. We have also recorded a slight decline in demand for distant destinations’’, commented Joussen