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Croatia among three EU countries with the highest growth of industrial production

By  Dec 14, 2017

According to Eurostat, Croatia is one of the three EU countries that achieved the highest growth of industrial production in the European Union in October 2017.

Eurostat data shows that seasonally adjusted industrial production in Croatia in October rose by 2,7 percent on a monthly level, almost twice as much as it was in September (1,4%).

The highest industrial production on a monthly level was recorded in Ireland (10,6%) and Denmark (2,8%), whilst the lowest figures were recorded in Malta (6,1%), Portugal (2,3%) and the Netherlands (1,8%).

At EU level, seasonally adjusted industrial production grew by 0,3 percent in October compared to September (- 0,5%). The production of non-durable consumer goods recorded the highest growth of 0,7%, whilst the production of durable consumer goods decreased by 1,7 percent.

The industrial production in the EU in October on an annual level rose by 4,2 percent, after 3,6 percent rise in the previous month. October recorded the highest increase in the production of intermediate goods (5,3%) and non-durable consumer goods (4,7%). Energy production almost stagnated.

When it comes to industrial production on an annual level in EU countries, the highest growth was recorded in Ireland (13,4%), Slovenia (10,7%), Poland (10%) and Romania (9,1%). As far as Croatia is concerned, industrial production in October increased by 4,3 percent following a 3,1 percent growth in the previous month.

The decline in industrial production on an annual level was recorded in Denmark (2,3%), Malta (1,4%) and the Netherlands (0,4%).