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Top Ten on Croatia Top Ten on Croatia

Is Croatia the stupidest country in the world?

By  Dec 12, 2017

According to voters from all over the world who are participating in a survey on the popular website The Top Tens, Croatia is the stupidest country on the planet.

Despite this devastating voters’ opinion, it is important to note that the survey is still ongoing thus, Croatia might lose its first place after all.

However, for the time being, the Top 10 stupidest world countries are Croatia, the United States, North Korea, Mozambique, Vatican City, Serbia, Italy, Zimbabwe, Argentina and Greece.

Apart from voting, voters are also free to leave their comments on why they consider a particular country the stupidest one.

Here are just some of the comments about Croatia and Croats:

‘’People who adore war crimes and war criminals’’.

‘’We have negative brain evolution because Germany, Ireland, USA...steel our highly educated people and our dumb ones stay home and breed’’.

‘’They live in 1941.Very stupid and evil people’’.

‘’All the smart ones already escaped to central and northern Europe’’.

‘’I am Croatian and I agree with the choice. This country has so many possibilities that only bunch of stupid and inert people are holding back. Hopefully, new generations will change something’’.