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Zagreb wins the title of the best Christmas market once again

By  Dec 12, 2017

For the third year in a row, Advent in Zagreb was picked as the best one in Europe on the website European best destinations, the first website dedicated to the promotion of tourism in Europe. Everybody got their chance to vote and Zagreb smashed the competition.

On the now traditional list of the best Christmas markets, Colmar – France is placed second, while the third place belongs to Vienna, fourth to Budapest and fifth to another French city – Strasbourg.

This competition is quite famous and numbers confirm it – more than 200,516 people from 131 countries of the world voted. Zagreb even got three voters from Kenya!
Looking at individual countries, Zagreb was the number one destination for Americans, Canadians, Russians, Greeks and Australians, while the British, Germans and Austrians put it on the second place, right behind their own cities on the list.

The total number of votes for Zagreb was 38,830, while Colmar received 24,625 votes and the third-ranked Vienna collected 16,354 votes.