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Jadrolinija wins award Jadrolinija wins award

Croatian ferry company celebrates 70th anniversary

Written by  Dec 07, 2017

The Croatian ferry company Jadrolinija marked the 70th anniversary at the ceremony held on the ferry Marko Polo in the port of Rijeka on the 5th of November.

On this occasion, Oleg Butković, the Minister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, emphasized that Jadrolinija is among the ten world’s leading passenger liners and that Croatia should be proud of its brand.

Butković also added that Jadrolinija accounts for 87 percent in the total public transport of passengers and around 90 percent in the total vehicle transport, thus it carries great responsibility and challenges for the future.

‘’I expect from the new management to direct all its activities towards strengthening the company’s position and modernizing the fleet. It is the main task of the Management Board, the Supervisory Board and our Ministry’’, commented Butković.

Jadrolinija’s president David Sopta pointed out that since its foundation in 1947, the company has had an irreplaceable role in the lives of people living on Croatian islands and in coastal cities and towns.

‘’Jadrolinija’s ferries are our maritime highway which brings tourists and our guests from all over the world to see Croatia and our natural and cultural heritage. Our mission today, as it was 70 years ago, is to connect the Croatian coast with our thousand wonderful islands. All together, it is the infrastructure which connects us and makes Croatia a society and a state’’, commented Sopta.

Jadrolinija was founded in Rijeka in 1947 as a continuation of various smaller shipping companies, which had operated along the Croatian coast since 1872. As of 2015, it became Croatia’s largest passenger shipping company.

Jadrolinija currently operates a fleet of 55 vessels; it has three large ferries named Dubrovnik, Marko Polo, and Zadar, which sail on long range and international routes, 37 smaller ferries used for local passenger service, eight catamarans, one hydro bus and five conventional ships. The fleet's total carrying capacity is 3,600 vehicles and 27,540 passengers.

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