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Croatian start-ups attracting huge interest Croatian start-ups attracting huge interest

Croatian start-ups the most successful in Southeast Europe

By  Dec 04, 2017

The most successful start-ups in Southeast Europe in drawing investment funds are those from Croatia.

The data from Atomico, an international technology investment company headquartered in London and the largest European capital fund, which invests in start-ups, shows that in the period from 2012 to 2016, Croatian start-ups drew around $100 million of investments.

According to a research conducted by The State of European Tech that was published at the world’s leading start-up event held in Helsinki last week, by the amount of investment Croatia was put side by side of Luxembourg, Lithuania, Portugal and Cyprus.

The largest investments in start-ups was drawn by the United Kingdom ($18,7 billion), followed by Germany ($11,4 billion), France ($10 billion) as well as Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia and Switzerland.

In Southeast Europe, according to Atomico, the most successful start-ups in drawing capital are those from Croatia that attracted $100 million of investments in the four-year period. The data also mentioned Romania and Hungary, however, these two countries drew investments less than $100 million.

This data is important for Croatia because it indicates that all other countries in the region, together with the rest of Europe, drew as much investments as Croatia, i.e. $100 million.