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Silent cafe opens in Croatia Photo by Silent Cafe Zagreb

Silent cafe opens in Croatia

By  Dec 04, 2017

A very special cafe opened its doors just a few days ago in Zagreb! It's a ''Silent cafe'', a cafe for deaf people and people with bad hearing, where drinking coffee, socializing and communicating doesn't cause them any problem or anxiety.

Employed waiters also do not hear, and this praiseworthy project was financed by the City of Zagreb. In order to overcome the communication barriers and prevent misunderstandings with the waiter, guests can simply order drinks by using a tablet. If you want to pay, one click is enough and the waiter will arrive.

However, owners also invite people without hearing problems to get acquainted with the obstacles of those who do not hear by visiting their cafe. Guests can flick through newspapers and also watch the TV with shows in sign language.

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