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EasyJet looking to expand on 39 destinations  EasyJet looking to expand on 39 destinations

EasyJet looking to expand on its operations in Croatia for 2018

By  Dec 03, 2017

EasyJet is planning to increase its flight operations to Croatia for 2018. The low cost airline was the second largest carrier, in terms of passenger numbers, this year and the largest to Dubrovnik and plans an expansion for next year. Speaking to the website EX-YU Aviation the airline’s UK director, Sophie Dekker said that “A lot of airlines have shifted away from Egypt and Turkey in favour of routes like Spain and Portugal. Everyone is competing to get passengers. We are looking at alternative routes to places like Croatia next year”.

One of the possible new routes could well be the London Gatwick to Zagreb line which, due to the collapse of Monarch Airlines last year, has room for more flights. Also as Croatia Airlines sold their London Heathrow to Zagreb last year EasyJet is apparently considering introducing a new line between these two hubs.

EasyJet holds the top position in Dubrovnik with a massive 22 percent of the total passenger share, as well as being the leading airline to Split Airport. The low cost airline offered flights to and from Croatia to 39 European destinations in 2017 and this number could well increase this year. Ali Gayward, EasyJet’s UK Commercial Manager, commented that "We see a growing demand for short and long breaks to Croatia and we’re continuing to make it convenient for our customers to visit Croatia’s fantastic destinations contributing to the local economy".

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