Sunday, 21 October 2018
More work visas for foreigners in Croatia More work visas for foreigners in Croatia

Croatia ‘’imports’’ ballet dancers, shepherds and meditation experts

By  Dec 01, 2017

Last week the Croatian Ministry of Labour sent a proposal to employers and trade unions about an increase of the quota for employing foreigners in 2018.

Considering the situation in the country as a result of a massive migration wave of Croatians to other EU countries in search of a better life, the Ministry of Labour suggested to increase the number of working permits for foreigners to almost 29,000.
Out of the envisaged 29,000 working permits, the quota for new employment would be 17,810 permits (2.5 times more than in 2017), for the extension of already issued working permits 9,000, and for seasonal employment 1,940 working permits.

However, while employers welcome the ministry’s decision, trade unions say that this employment measure will prove a total failure.

According to data, the construction sector in Croatia has recorded the highest lack of workers. The most sought after professions are carpenters, masonry and bar benders. As far as tourism is concerned, the most needed are chefs (100), masseurs (100), tourist animators (50) as well as diving instructors (5) and experts for mindfulness meditation (5).

Around 1,600 new working permits are to be assigned to the shipbuilding industry, 1,100 to the metal industry, and 800 to the sector of agriculture and forestry, out of which 35 are envisaged for cattlemen and shepherds.

Furthermore, 770 working permits for foreigners will be assigned to the food industry, 765 to the transport sector (600 truck drivers), 580 to the manufacturing industry, 70 to healthcare (60 doctors and 10 dentists) and 22 working permits to culture (12 ballet artists).




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