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Croatian produced caviar coming soon Croatian produced caviar coming soon

Croatia to produce the most expensive beluga caviar

By  Nov 29, 2017

Beluga caviar is one of the most famous, most luxurious and most expensive types of caviar in the world, with a price of stunning 80,000 Kunas per kilogram or more than 10,000 Euros per kilo.

The fact that this popular delicacy has its fans in Croatia was confirmed seven years ago when, despite its ever-astronomic price, beluga caviar was sold out in a delicacy shop in Zagreb at a price of 2,442 Kunas per 30-gram jar full of this luxurious delicacy.

However, good news for Croatian beluga caviar fans is on the horizon. The Ribnjačarstvo Poljana farm fish in the Požega-Slavonia County has been farming fish in ecologically intact environment for years. Recently they came up with an idea to farm the beluga sturgeon ‘Huso huso’ and produce beluga caviar of the highest quality.

With a 115-year long tradition of freshwater fish farming, this Croatian company has both, the knowledge and the courage to engage in such a project. The whole idea was sparked by an interesting lecture about the sturgeon farming and the production of caviar at the International Conference on Aquaculture held in Vukovar two years ago.

The Queen of Water or the Gentle Giant, as people call it endearingly, the beluga sturgeon or ‘Huso huso’ can reach up to seven metres in length and around one tonne and a half in weight in its best years. However, it is less known that this living fossil, protected by the CITES convention as a critically endangered species, once lived in Croatia in the waters of Danube, Sava and Drava Rivers, thus its farming, as it is conceived by Ribnjačarstvo Poljana, would surely save this valued fish from extinction.