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Latest NASA video features Croatian scientist

By  Nov 29, 2017

The latest spectacular video about Earth changes released by the world’s largest space agency NASA features a scientist from Rijeka, Croatia.

The video about changes of Earth’s surface over the past twenty years is the most viewed recent video of the American space agency. In the last week since its release, it went viral and attracted more than 1,5 million views all over the globe.
Apart from the fascinating satellite images that present retractions and thrive of the green patches on Earth that give an impression that our planet is breathing, the main star of the video is the Croatian scientist Ivona Cetinić.

The NASA’s time-lapse video presents the results of complex optical satellite measurements through seasons and years and enables us to see what is going on with flora on the land and in the oceans. This is where the Croatian scientist Ivona Cetinić stepped in and appeared in the role of a narrator as one of the most important oceanographers at NASA now. Cetinić is specialized for optical measurements of phytoplankton biology.

The video has attracted great attention from the world’s largest media, thus, last week Cetinić appeared in a long CNN report in which she explained to the American public this fascinating ‘’terrestrial’’ part of a NASA’s research.

This is not the first time that NASA introduced Cetinić to the media, which is not surprising given the fact that currently she is the head of one of the largest oceanographic projects of NASA and one of the leading scientists at the Ocean Ecology Laboratory at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.