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Safety first on Croatia's roads Safety first on Croatia's roads

Croatia sixth most lethal roads in European Union

By  Nov 26, 2017

On a European level the number of fatalities due to road traffic accidents however Croatia still has lots of work to do to improve safety. In 1996 there were 60,100 fatalities in the European Union in traffic accidents, or around 1,150 people a week were killed in accidents. Thanks to education, safety measures, new technology and campaigns to wear seat belts this number has drastically fallen over the past ten years. In 2016 the number had dropped to 25,624, or well under half the total of fatalities from 1996.

Croatia is lagging behind the rest of Europe, and takes the unenvious position of sixth of the list of road traffic fatalities per million citizens. According to data from Eurostat in 2016 there were 75 fatalities per million people in Croatia. The worst safety record in 2016 went to Bulgaria with 98 fatalities, followed by Romania with 97, Latvia with 80, Poland with 79 and in fifth spot was Greece with 76. The leader of the pack and the safest country to drive in the EU was Sweden with only 28 fatalities per million inhabitants.

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