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Do you need to visit the vets? Do you need to visit the vets?

Dogs need to be microchipped or owners face 6,000 Kuna fine

By  Nov 26, 2017

Although the microchipping of dogs in Croatia has been in force since 2004 less than half of the registered dogs in the country actually have a microchip. This situation will soon change with the new Animal Protection Act which makes microchipping a legal obligation. All local governments are required, before the 30th of June 2018, to obtain and implement the microchip readers.

The Animal Friends Association informed all cities and municipalities about this news and urged them to provide funds for microchip control in the budget for next year and to produce a timely plan for its implementation. The legal obligation to label dogs with microchips has been in place since 2004 but now dog owners could face a 6,000 Kuna fine for failing to comply.

The law stipulates that the enforcement of the compulsory microchipping of dogs is to be carried out by communal officers, and the Animal Friends Association has proposed to local communities the recruitment of new communal officers who will, together with the existing ones, control and visit all households in their area.

The microchip contains a unique identification number that reveals the information about the pet owner (address, phone number, etc.) as well as basic animal information and information on castration, vaccination, etc. If dog owner loses their pet then a vet or shelter can identify the dog with the microchip and return it.