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Social interaction over coffee Social interaction over coffee

Croatians still prefer chatting over a coffee than tweeting

By  Nov 24, 2017

Croats prefer walking to sitting in front of a TV or PC, whilst activities on social media they consider a complement to direct communication.

According to a survey carried out by MediaNet, Croats prefer sports and recreation in their leisure time as well as traditional ways of communicating with their friends.

Most of respondents (15,6%) prefer sports in their leisure time such as football, volleyball, basketball, swimming, running, hiking, yoga, pilates and dance. On the other hand, 11 percent of respondents declared that they like to read in leisure time, 8,6 percent of them prefer walking and being in nature, whilst 7,3 percent of respondents declared that they prefer sitting in front of a TV and watching sports, films, TV series and live broadcast of parliamentary sessions. The same percentage of respondents (7,3%) prefers gardening, activities and work related to a house etc.

Furthermore, the results of the MediaNet survey show that 38 percent of respondents communicate with their friends once a day or every other day personally or directly, whilst 33 percent of them communicate once or twice a week with their friends over the phone or meet them.

Around 45 percent of respondents communicate by phone every day, 23 percent do it once or twice a week, whilst 21 percent of respondents use the phone several times a day. However, communication through social networks does not seem to be a preferred way of communicating with close friends.

Apart from personal and phone contact, Facebook is the most commonly used form of communication for 21 percent of respondents. Around 30 percent of them use Twitter, whilst 14 percent of respondents prefer Viber while communicating with close friends.




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