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Ashley Colburn has a special love affair with Croatia Ashley Colburn has a special love affair with Croatia

American blogger considers Croatia her “special home”

Written by  Nov 24, 2017

The famous American blogger Ashley Colburn is an absolute fan of Croatia and a great promoter of the country she fell in love with.

After travelling around the globe and visiting 57 world countries, Colburn realized that there is no place like Croatia anywhere in the world. She likes to call Croatia ‘’her special home’’ which can be visited throughout the entire year.

Colburn already filmed two travel series on Croatia. She produced her first travel show ”WOW Croatia!” which was awarded Croatia’s Golden Pen award (Best U.S. media) and won an Emmy in 2010. Later, in September through December 2011, Ashley Colburn Production was in Croatia filming “Wonders of Croatia”, a 7 part travel series that covered the main tourist regions of the country.

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Recently, Colburn started as a columnist for a local newspaper thus for her first column she decided to write about the Croatian region where Croatian tourism starts – the Vukovar-Srijem County in eastern Slavonia.

The popular blogger is enchanted with nature and culture in this Slavonian county. She started her trip in the 8,000-year old city of Vinkovci, the oldest settlement in Europe where she visited the City Museum. Colburn also recommended travelling by boat on the Bosut River, a visit to Slavonian villages, a ride on a waterbus in Vukovar, a visit to the Vučedol Museum and the Eltz Palace as well as a visit to the town of Ilok, which is famous for its vineyards and wine cellars.


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