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Just how religious is Croatia? Just how religious is Croatia?

Only 70 percent of people in Croatia are religious

Written by  Nov 23, 2017

Five world countries are currently competing for the title of the world’s most religious country.

According to WIN/Gallup International, the leading association in market research and polling, around 99 percent of respondents in the countries of Ethiopia, Malawi, Niger, Sri Lanka and Yemen declared they are religious.

On the other hand, the least religious country in the world is China with only 7 percent religious respondents, followed by Japan (13%), Estonia (16%), Sweden (19%) and Norway with 21 percent of respondents who declared they are religious.

As far as Croatia and the countries in the region are concerned, the most religious country is Macedonia with 88 percent religious respondents, whilst barely 70 percent of Croats who participated in the Gallup’s survey declared they are religious.

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