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Former Croatian politicians earning massive pensions Former Croatian politicians earning massive pensions

Former politicians receive 7,000 Kuna more a month than average pensioner

Written by  Nov 22, 2017

Former members of the Croatian Parliament have no problem with the ever-increasing cost of living in the country because they earned pensions that are much higher compared to the average Croatian salary.

According to information, 650 former MPs receive a pension of almost 10,000 Kunas, to be more precise, 9,561 Kunas i.e. more than the average Croatian salary of around 6,000 Kunas.

This data also indicates that only for MPs pensions Croatia has to pay around 70 million Kunas annually, which is the largest figure ever in the country’s history.

Just for comparison, the average pension in Croatia achieved in accordance with regular terms is around 2,300 Kunas. However, many Croatian pensioners receive only 1,000-1,500 Kunas a month even though they have worked all their life. Meaning that for a few years of serving in the parliament former MPs receive a whopping 7,000 Kuna a month more than a pensioner who has worked for 40 years of work.


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