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New cruise ship made in Croatia New cruise ship made in Croatia

World’s first six-star cruise ship to be built in Croatia at a cost of 200 million

By  Nov 20, 2017

The world’s first six-star luxury cruise ship is to be built in the Uljanik shipyard from Pula.

Construction of the world’s new luxury cruise ship is estimated at around 200 million Euros, whilst the cruiser will be sailing in Polar Waters.

When it comes to the construction and luxury, all 114 cabins of the cruise ship will have a balcony. The cruiser will also have 100 square metres large apartments, whilst the smallest cabin will spread over 30 square metres.

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The luxury cruiser will be 160 metres in length with a maximum capacity for only 240 passengers. The capacity is limited in order for the crew to meet all the requirements their passengers could possibly have.

An Australian company that ordered the cruise ship has already had around 20 similar ships in its fleet, but only for cruising the rivers. This will be their first cruiser for sailing in the Polar Region and the world’s first ICE-class cruise ship.

It is interesting to note that the International Polar Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters came into force on the 1st of January 2017, initially covering ships built after that date. Thus, new ice-strengthened ships are to be designed and built to comply with the Polar Code.

From January 2018, the Polar Code will apply to all ships sailing in areas around Antarctica, south of latitude 60°S and around the Arctic.





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