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Croatia on the Telegraph's list of the worst holidays of all time

By  Nov 16, 2017

A few days ago Telegraph travel writers joined together and wrote about their trips from hell. Even though most of the people find the job of a travel journalist a dream job, these stories reveal a different side of traveling around (and writing about it). 

Croatia has been featured on numerous lists by the Telegraph and sadly it found its place on the list of the worst holidays of all time too. Peter Hardy describes his Croatian experience with the title ' An unwanted houseguest in Croatia'.

- It was the stink of fried goat and onions at breakfast time, wafting up to our sun terrace, that first alerted us – it's rather an interesting intro of the Hardy's text. 

He continues to describe his experience on the island of Brac in a rather humorous, saying that his 11-old daughter discovered that someone was living in the garage beneath their holiday villa – the owner plus five members of his family.

- When he wasn't not cooking pungent food, he sat outside in his dirty string vest and shorts watching our every move with a scowl of suspicion. It seemed he'd not taken the "vacant possession" clause - and several others - far too literally in his contract with a long-established British villa company – says Hardy and adds that family's clothes were still in the bedrom cupboards and other belogings were scattered everywhere. There was even a dresser drawer full of sex aids and porno films – quite interesting for his children!

- Whenever we left the villa, the owner would leg it up from the garage and return to his home upstairs. He decided we were using too much air conditioning in August heat, so he removed the remote control and refused to return it. Washing facilities in his sweatbox of a garage were presumably non-existent, so we always knew when he'd been snooping – Hardy writes about his horror holiday.

To make things even worse, the location was described wrongly in the brochure, the water was polluted and his 14-year-old son developed a serious skin infection.

- At the end of our fortnight, home never felt so welcoming – concludes Hardy. After reading this, who could blame him?

See the full text here.

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