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Cheaper dental healthcare abroad  Cheaper dental healthcare abroad

Croatians cross the border to find cheaper dental care

By  Nov 10, 2017

When Italy replaced its national currency with the Euro in 1999, the cost of living rose almost overnight, as was the case in many European countries that introduced the Euro as their official currency.

One of the costs that sky-rocketed was the cost of dental care and everything related to dental hygiene. Therefore, many Italians used to come to Croatia for tooth repair, tooth extraction, dental implants etc. because it was much cheaper than in their own country.

However, even though Croatia has not introduced the Euro yet, it seems that many of its citizens go to neighbouring countries to visit the dentist, following the practice of Italians.

According to some data, many dental patients from the Croatian region of Dalmatia more often than not, go to Bosnia and Herzegovina to fill cavities, polish their teeth and other dental procedures. They have all the reasons to do so because there is a big price difference between the two countries when it comes to dental care.

The price of the first dental examination in Croatia is up to 200 Kunas, whilst in Bosnia and Herzegovina it is free of charge. Tooth extraction in Croatia is 300 Kunas, whilst a Bosnian dentist would charge only 50 Kunas. Furthermore, the cost of dental sealants in Croatia is around 300 Kunas, whilst in Bosnia and Herzegovina it is up to maximum 100 Kunas.

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