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New car sales on the rise New car sales on the rise

Volkswagen best-selling brand in Croatia in 2017

By  Nov 08, 2017

According to data from Promocija plus, the leading research and analysis agency in the region, car sales in Croatia in October increased by 25.4 percent in comparison to the same month last year.

In the period from January to the end of October of 2017 a total of 45.128 new vehicles were sold or 19.4 percent more over the same period last year.

The bestselling brands in Croatia in the mentioned period were Volkswagen with 6,454 sold cars, followed by Skoda (4,472), Opel (4,388), Renault (4,166) and Suzuki with 2,739 sold cars.

The bestselling model in October was Ford Focus with 241 sold cars, followed by Skoda Octavia (224) and Dacia Duster with 179 sold cars.

By fuel type, in the first ten months of this year the share of diesel-powered cars in the total car sales accounted for 54,4 percent or 24,546 vehicles, whilst petrol-powered cars accounted for 44,5 percent or 20,104 sold vehicles.

At the same time, 422 hybrid cars were sold (almost negligible share of 0,9 percent) and only 19 fully electric vehicles.

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