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Croatia is well on the radar for British tourists Croatia is well on the radar for British tourists

The Brits are coming – a million British tourists expected in Croatia by 2019

By  Nov 08, 2017

Even though this summer season was a record breaking one and the Croatian coast seemed a bit crowded at times, it appears that British tourists didn’t mind that at all.

According to data, around 160,000 more British tourists visited Croatia in 2017 in comparison to last year, whilst hundreds of thousands of them are expected to arrive next year.

The magical figure of half a million British tourists, as many of them visited the former country of Yugoslavia and which was a hard-to-reach goal for a very long time, was realized several seasons ago. This year, the figure of 800,000 British tourists was exceeded and now the expectations for the coming years are that a million British tourists will arrive in Croatia.

According to the news from the first day of the World Travel Market that is currently being held in London, Croatian tourism workers have reasons for optimism, whilst the Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli believes that the historic number of a million British tourists will visit Croatia in 2019.

It is interesting to note that the only thing that British tourists complained about this summer is the bad maritime connection of the mainland with the islands.

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