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25 fun facts about Croatia 25 fun facts about Croatia

Fun facts about Croatia from popular You-tuber

Written by  Nov 04, 2017

Most people have heard of Croatia as a tourist destination and a land of stunning nature, culture and tradition. However, there is much more to Croatia than just sun, sand and summer fun.

Even though the country is relatively small on a global scale, Croatia is known as the home of many inventions, inventors, a unique language, the 7th tallest men in the world, the world’s smallest town, the oldest city in Europe, the second largest wall in the world as well as the sunniest place on Earth, a land of wine and rare animal species, a popular film location and much more.

The YouTuber Bored Badger has done a great job; he has collected 25 interesting facts about Croatia and made an excellent video.

Therefore, there is nothing else to do but to check out the video and thank Bored Badger for this great promotion of Croatia.

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